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Gold price has slipped to the lowest level in the last one week. Gold is trading at the level of $ 1315 in global markets due to recovery in dollar. In the initial business, it slipped to $ 1,313.

Commodity Market Tips

Indeed, in the next week, interest rates in America are expected to increase. At the same time, silver has also come down to 10 days. It is trading below $ 16.5.

After yesterday’s recovery, crude oil is trading in very small scope. The International Energy Agency has increased its estimate on the demand for crude oil. Although it is said that its impact will not be seen on pricing, because crude production is growing rapidly in the US. On the SME, the decline in metal has increased.

                                            Copper price has broken down about 0.5 percent. This week it has fallen nearly 1 percent. Aluminum is at the lower level of 3 months. Meanwhile, the rupee has come in rupees today against the dollar and the price of one dollar is near 64.90 rupees.


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